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A unique opportunity to practice marksmanship and scenarios in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Using technology developed for police, military training and security forces. You will use real guns with lasers that have been modified to emit laser signals and interact with the large screen video. Experience recoil and the feeling of real shooting. You’ll have the opportunity to select from a variety of options, such as still or moving targets, shoot house, and even various scenarios.

This technology is perfect for the first time gun user as well as the most experienced of shooters. It’s safe, accurate and fun!

Available for Self Paced use or with an instructor and can be used by individuals or groups.

We also offer taser and OC Spray training using the Digital Simulator..



DVSR – Digital Video Shooting Range

This interactive video shooting simulator was developed for firearms training in indoor shooting ranges for the police and security forces.

The shooting systems of technology includes all components for the installation and operation of indoor shooting ranges. More so, the complete interior construction, bullet trap systems, surveillance systems, screen projection systems etc. are professionally installed by our specialists.

The principal components of this is our “DVSR” training system for real and laser shooting. Rounded off with laser simulation weapons with real recoil simulation as well as special training. We are constantly adapting our product range to the growing needs.

Instruction and training

• Comprehensive training after successful handover it is a part of the scope of our services.
• Instruction in the handling of our systems at various training levels.
• Training alongside shooting
• Customized specific training courses
• Refresher courses for all software versions and DVSR programs.
• Intensive instructions in the creation of own tactical demonstrations films.


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